Andrew Plemmons Pratt here. Professionally, I weave together innovation and race equity work at CityBridge Education. Elsewhere I learn to bake bread, play the piano, play tabletop games, work for racial justice and inclusion in DC public schools, and make things out of fabric, wood, and bits.

Some things I've written:
Talk about race by "Waking Up White"
Segregation, Assimilation, and Anti-Racism in Ibram Kendi's "Stamped from the Beginning"
Computers as Objects to Think With + on Goodreads
The Power of Reflective Moments
Tools for Building and Learning From Pilots
Brainstorm Blues? Use a Pilot Template

Some tools I have built or curated:
Methods for Equitable Innovation in Education
Spring 2023 editions of key equity design tools
Transforming Teaching Playlist